City Council, Meeting Agendas

Bloomfield City Council Meeting Agenda – October 20, 2022

Bloomfield City Council Meeting
Thursday, October 20, 2022 at 7:00 pm
Bloomfield Public Library
Dial-in: (US) +1 631-910-9183
PIN: 361 104 648%

I. Call to Order and Welcome Guests
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Approve Agenda
IV.Public Hearing
A. Public Hearing for the purpose of reporting on the status of funded activity of Mutchler Community Center HVAC Project grant CDBG #20-CVN-037.
B. Public Hearing for the purpose of reporting on the status of funded activity of the City Park Improvement project grant CDBG #20-CVN-036
V. Updates
A. Police Chief
– Rainfall records
B. Fire Chief Code Enforcement
C. Recreation Director
D. Main Street
E. DC Development Corporation
VI. Consent Agenda
A. Minutes of 10/6/2022 meeting
VII. Old Business
A.  Approve Third Reading of an ordinance amending chapter 122 of the City code of the City of Bloomfield by modifying exemptions to the license requirement for Transient Merchants.
VII. New Business
A. Approve New Job Description for Utility Worker
B. Approve Development Agreement Draft with Fowler Trust and Ryan Fowler, LLC
C. Approve Closing Madison Street on the Square for Main Street’s Christmas Parade. South Madison from Jefferson to Walnut St
D. Approve Resolution entering into a service agreement with Pathfinder to write the WQI grant for sidewalk improvement project
E. Discuss and Decide waving building permit fees for CDBG-CV grant facade projects
F. Discuss and Decide on plotting of Hillcrest Addition of IOOF Cemetery
G. Discuss increasing cost of grave spaces to $700
H. Approve Mayor to sign DOT Preconstruction Agreement for 2023 Highway Improvement Plan
I. Open bids and award contract for concrete for City Park Improvement Project Playground Grant CDBG #20-CVN-036
J. Authorize payment to Park Planet in the amount of $127,145 for the down payment of playground equipment for the City Park Improvement Project Playground Grant CDBG #20-CVN-036
K. Authorize Mayor to sign Contract for playground construction services with Park Planet
L. Approve purchase of insta valves (2) from Municipal Pipe Service in the amount of $18,800 for Water Distribution
M. Approve purchase of new regulator and accessories plus billed labor for Troy Elevator up to $15,000
N. Discuss and Decide on plan regarding building permit & utility locate violations
O. Discuss and Decide on request by Dustin Ratzloff to forgive code violation tickets
P. Approve purchase of turnout gear (boots/helmets) for fire department
Q. Discuss and Decide on using COVID money to purchase a Mean Green Hose Expanding Machine
R. Approve Pay Estimate No. 2 to Tall Grass Land Stewardship Company in the amount of $68,814.60 for work done on the Bioretention Cell No. 2.
S. Approve resolution adopting Annual Finance Report (AFR) FY22
T. Discuss and Decide on temporary contract for residential Solar Installation
IX. Claims
A. Approve Claims as Presented
X. Public Comments
XI. Reports – Discuss and Decide Any Issue
A. City Administrator
B. Director of Public Works
C. Community Development Director
D. Council Updates
E. Mayor Comments
XII. Adjournment