City Council, Meeting Agendas

July 25, 2019 – Agenda

Bloomfield City Council Meeting
Thursday, July 25, 2019 at 7:00pm
Meeting Room, Bloomfield Public Library

Amended AGENDA

  1. Call to Order and Welcome Guests
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Approve Agenda
  4. Proclamation Designating August 6th as National Night Out
  5. Updates
    1. Police Chief
    2. Fire Chief
    3. Recreation Director
    4. Main Street
    5. DC Development Corporation
  6. Public Comments
  7. New Business
    1. Approve Resolution of ICAP Claim ICP050751A1 and Authorization to Execute all Necessary Forms
    2. Presentation on Solar Array
    3. Consider and Discuss Hiring Replacement of Community Development Director and Request for Special Meeting on August 1st
    4. Consider and Approve a Resolution Authorizing the Filing of a Sponsored Project Application with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Finance Authority State Revolving Fund 
    5. Consider and Discuss Steel Reimbursement in the Amount of $18,470.73 to Bloomfield Bridge & Culvert for the East Street Culvert Project
    6. Consider and Approve Possible Sale of Steel Rebar from the East Street Bridge & Culvert Project
    7. Consider and Approve Purchase/Lease of Water Truck
    8. Approve/Award Tree Removal Bid Recommendations
    9. Consider Approval of Main Street Funding for July – September 2019
    10. Consider Approval of Request from Main Street to Include a Stuffer Linking to a Marketing Survey in the Next Statement Mailing
    11. Consider and Discuss Current ATV Ordinance
    12. Consider and Discuss Sidewalk Ordinance
    13. Consider and Discuss Rates for Peddler Permits
    14. Consider Approval of Power Washer for Fire Department
    15. Discuss Annexation of Lake Fisher
    16. Discuss Emergency Notification System
    17. Consider and Discuss an Employee Morale/360 Study for City Employees
  8. Claims
    1. Approve Claims as Presented
  9. Public Comments
  10. Reports
    1. City Administrator
    2. Director of Public Works
    3. Financial Manager
    4. Community Development Director
    5. Council Updates
    6. Mayor Comments
  11. Closed Session
    1. Closed Session Pursuant to Iowa Code §21.5(1)(j): To discuss the purchase or sale of particular real estate only where premature disclosure could be reasonably expected to increase the price the governmental body would have to pay for that property or reduce the price the governmental body would receive for that property
    2. Return to Open Session
    3. Consider Decision on Closed Session Business
  12. Adjournment