Meeting Minutes

Council Minutes – August 8, 2018


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August 2, 2018

The Bloomfield City Council met in Regular session at 7:00pm in the meeting room of the Bloomfield Public Library.

Mayor: Daniel Wiegand
Council: Darin Garrett, John Hilbert, Earl Howard, Jack Woolard
City Administrator: Gary Boden
Attorney: not present
DPW: Danny Simonson
CCD: Chris Ball
Deputy Clerk: Sandy Jones
Police Chief: Shawn Armstrong
Fire Chief: Jeff McClure

Mayor Wiegand called the meeting to order at 7:00pm and welcomed those present.

Everyone stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

This being the time and place fixed for a Public Hearing to amend the Bloomfield Code of Ordinances by adding Chapter 153, Fences (which addresses required fencing around swimming pools).

Motion by Hilbert, second by Woolard to open the Public Hearing.
Approved unanimously.

Council member Howard requested clarification of “a permanent body of water”. Discussion was held.

Mayor asked for public comments.

  • Don Walton suggested having an ordinance for swimming pools only.

Deputy Clerk reported that she had not received any written or oral comments.

Motion by Howard, second by Garrett to close the public hearing.
Approved unanimously.

Motion by Howard, second by Garrett to postpone the 1st reading of an Ordinance to amend the Bloomfield Code of Ordinances by adding Chapter 153, Fences until more research can be conducted.
Approved unanimously.

Motion by Howard, second by Hilbert to approve the consent agenda.
Approved unanimously.

  1. Council minutes, 7-19-2018
  2. Airport Commission minutes, 7-17-2018
  3. Historic Preservation minutes, 7-2-2018
  4. Library Asst. 1 report, 7-10-2018
  5. Library Board minutes, 6-12-2018
  6. Library Board minutes, 6-20-2018

Motion by Howard, second by Hilbert to set a special meeting for August 23rd at 6pm at the Fire Station. Purpose of this special meeting is to set goals for the City.
Approved unanimously.

Motion by Howard, second by Woolard to approve a new agenda policy as written by the City Administrator.
Ayes: Woolard, Hilbert, Garrett, Howard
Nays: None

Council gave the ok to move forward with condemnation of the following properties located in the City.

  1. 703 West Franklin
  2. 708 West Franklin
  3. 111 North Pine
  4. 206 West Walnut
  5. 304 West Grant
  6. 404 North Elm
  7. 415 North West
  8. 209 North East
  9. 536 East Arkansas
  10. 904 Morningside

Council discussed residential development incentivization and housing development policies.

Motion by Woolard, second by Garrett to approve the claims as presented.
Ayes: Howard, Hilbert, Garrett, Woolard
Nays: None

Baird Bros Paint Services $850.00
Bloomfield Auto Parts LLC Parts $168.30
Blfd True Value Hardware Supplies $798.71
Brad Johnson Trucking Service $333.12
Cintas Corp #762 Service $210.33
City Of Bloomfield Utilities $155.00
S & G Harvieux Inc Service $35.00
Collection Service Center Child Support $322.25
Nutrien Ag Solutions, Inc. Supplies $137.18
Curt’s Yard’n’ Gard’n Service $95.85
DC Auditor Service $35.00
Electrical Engineering & Equip Supplies $355.96
Family Support Pmt Center Child Support $138.46
French-Reneker Assoc Service $2,204.50
Graber Country Store Uniforms $180.00
Greiner Implement Co Inc Service $622.60
Hamilton Produce Misc Supplies $410.28
Dennis Harbour Reimbursement Uniform $159.94
Heath Consultants, Inc. Service $681.23
Hickenbottom Inc Supplies $400.66
Iowa Dept Of Natural Resources Permit $314.70
IA Dept Of Revenue & Finance July 2018 Sales & WET Tax $13,205.00
IA DNR Permit $2,550.00
Ideal Ready Mix Company, Inc Supplies $699.25
Jessie’s Sewing Room Services $61.00
Keith’s Foods Supplies $12.56
Keystone Labs, Inc Services $37.50
Menards – Ottumwa Misc Supplies $1,904.75
Power Line Supply Equipment $1,622.56
Rathbun Regional Water Assoc. Services $23,670.00
Royal Portable Toilets Services $208.44
S.E. Iowa Physical Therapy Services $60.00
John Sample Services $2,750.00
Sessions Vet Clinic Services $472.00
Sinclair Tractor Services $567.55
Charles Anthony Spargur Services $2,249.93
Staples Advantage Office Supplies $635.77
Success Bank Fed/Fica Tax $14,878.59
Treasurer, St Of IA-Payroll Withholding Tax $2,516.00
United States Treasury PCORI Fee 7-2018 $71.70
US Cellular Services $367.15
USDA Rural Development Loan Payments $11,047.00
Wellmark Blue Cross & Shield Insurance $27,286.89
Wiggy Enterprises LLC Concessions $467.50
Winger Companies Services $137.00
Yoder Lumber Supplies $199.30
Total Accounts Payable Checks $116,286.51

Payroll Checks
001 General $25,994.55
600 Water $4,380.23
610 Sewer $4,330.34
630 Electric $6,527.47
640 Gas $4,225.83
Total Payroll Checks $45,458.42

Report Total $161,744.93

Fund Fund Name
001 General $44,385.02
110 Road Use Tax $1,465.97
112 Employee Benefits $12,170.20
327 East St Bridge Project $1,132.50
600 Water $38,502.91
601 USDA Rural Water Connect $5,160.00
603 RRWA Water Tower $5,887.00
610 Sewer $15,507.84
611 Sewer Plant Upgrade $640.00
630 Electric $24,964.94
640 Gas $11,928.55

Motion by Howard, second by Hilbert to adjourn at 8:30pm.
Approved unanimously.

Daniel Wiegand, Mayor

Sandy Jones, Deputy Clerk