Consumer Fireworks

There seems to be a misunderstanding of the fireworks code in Bloomfield that stems from the general public to the police department. That misunderstanding is that due to the change in the state law, which was adopted by the City of Bloomfield that between the dates of June 1 thru July 8 you can shoot fireworks anytime between the hours of 9am until 10pm. This is true with a few exceptions and I hope to educate folks on the issue at hand.

There are different categories of fireworks. The City of Bloomfield Code 41.12.3 states in part, that you may use 1.4 consumer fireworks. These are the fireworks that you can purchase in various locations and tents around the state. These are legal for you to use.

Definition of 1.4 fireworks is a firework that may contain no more than 50 mg of flash powder (ground effects) or 130 mg of flash powder (aerial effects). In addition, there are specific restrictions on the chemicals that may be used to create consumer fireworks, and some chemicals are specifically prohibited due to their volatility.

1.3 commercial or display fireworks are a regulated item that you must have a license to purchase and permits to use due to the amount of explosive used. They are also regulated by the ATF&E for storage and are illegal to store in a residence.

Illegal fireworks are fireworks made outside of the industry and do not carry a DOT sticker for classification. Under federal law these types of fireworks are classified as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) and are a felony to possess. Explosive devices such as pipe bombs are not fireworks and are a felony to make and possess.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is One of the Primary Responsibilities of a City

Code enforcement is one of the primary responsibilities of a City.  State Code, Chapter 364. The Bloomfield Code of Ordinances in chapters 50, and 51 define what constitutes nuisances, and how they must be addressed.  The definition of a nuisance in Chapter 50 defines a nuisance as “Whatever is injurious to health, indecent, or unreasonable offensive to the senses or an obstruction to the free use of property so as essentially interfere unreasonably with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property is a nuisance”.  Our Code addresses tall grass, junk vehicles, trash and debris, and dilapidated structures. Tall grass however is the most common nuisance.  

When notifying a property owner, you may also need to notify deed and contract  holders as well.  I use a template for my letters and identify Code which speaks to Chapter 50.  Chapter 51 addressees junk vehicles.  The letter identifies a time period for which the nuisance must be abated, and states in part “…the City of Bloomfield may take whatever action is available to abate this nuisance…”.  It is important to note if the owner ignores the letter and fails to address the nuisance, the City would (with tall grass for instance) assess the costs associated with mowing the property, and assess the costs to the property owner(s).  

It is important to note nuisance abatement falls into two categories.  The first is the administrative process which consists of notifying people by letter of a nuisance. This is usually tall grass, weeds or garbage. If the owner or occupant fails to mow tall grass the City of Bloomfield proceeds to cut tall grass and weeds and bill at a rate of $75.00 an hour with a minimum charge of $75.00.  If a third notice is ignored, a fee of $250.00 is applied.  Municipal infractions are more serious and compel owner(s) of junk vehicles, and dangerous buildings.  If a person fails to respond or ignores the tall grass/weed notice, the City will contract or undertake mowing tall grass and weeds costs are attached to the owners’ property taxes.  

When tall grass, or weeds are cited or reported, we take every effort to make personal contact with the occupant or owner, and explain the nuisance and what can be done to address the problem.  Should citizens see a nuisance please do not hesitate to contact city hall at 641-664-2260.  


Amendment of Ordinance 18A

At the June 18, 2020 city council meeting, the city council will be voting on the amendment of ordinance 18A City Administrator/Clerk by removing all reference to City Clerk.

See links below for the current version (proposed changes are highlighted) and the proposed amended version of ordinance 18A City Administrator/City Clerk.

Ordinance 18A: Current Version (changes are highlighted)

Ordinance 18A: Proposed Revised Version

Latest News, Notice of Public Hearing

Public Notice


The Bloomfield City Council will hold a public hearing on the construction loan application for the wastewater treatment plant improvements, at their meeting commencing at 7:00 P.M. on June 4, 2020. The hearing will be held via electronic means due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SRF loan in the amount of $8,004,000.00 will be used to make improvements in the wastewater treatment system to meet NPDES permit limits for ammonia, nitrogen, dissolved oxygen (DO), and E. coli. This will be completed by converting Lagoon Cell 1 into two aerated cells, Lagoon Cell 2 into one aerated cell and one quiescent cell. Four SAGRs will be constructed in the remaining Lagoon Cell 2 to provide tertiary ammonia removal and disinfection.

Written comments may be filed with the City Clerk prior to the hearing. At said hearing any interested person may appear and file oral or written comments.

By: Sandy Jones, City Clerk

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