Consumer Fireworks

There seems to be a misunderstanding of the fireworks code in Bloomfield that stems from the general public to the police department. That misunderstanding is that due to the change in the state law, which was adopted by the City of Bloomfield that between the dates of June 1 thru July 8 you can shoot fireworks anytime between the hours of 9am until 10pm. This is true with a few exceptions and I hope to educate folks on the issue at hand.

There are different categories of fireworks. The City of Bloomfield Code 41.12.3 states in part, that you may use 1.4 consumer fireworks. These are the fireworks that you can purchase in various locations and tents around the state. These are legal for you to use.

Definition of 1.4 fireworks is a firework that may contain no more than 50 mg of flash powder (ground effects) or 130 mg of flash powder (aerial effects). In addition, there are specific restrictions on the chemicals that may be used to create consumer fireworks, and some chemicals are specifically prohibited due to their volatility.

1.3 commercial or display fireworks are a regulated item that you must have a license to purchase and permits to use due to the amount of explosive used. They are also regulated by the ATF&E for storage and are illegal to store in a residence.

Illegal fireworks are fireworks made outside of the industry and do not carry a DOT sticker for classification. Under federal law these types of fireworks are classified as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) and are a felony to possess. Explosive devices such as pipe bombs are not fireworks and are a felony to make and possess.