Airport Commission

Commissioner End of 6 Year Term
Jade Batterson 11/2023
John Schroeder 11/2024
Greg Harris 11/2020
Brian Burnam (Chair) 11/2022
Chris Miller 11/2021
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The Commission shall have and exercise the following powers and duties.

The Commission has all the powers in relation to airports granted to cities under State law except powers to sell the airport.

The Commission shall annually certify the amount of tax to be levied for airport purposes, and upon such certification the Council may include all or a portion of said amount in its budget.

All funds derived from taxation or otherwise for airport purposes shall be under the full and absolute control of the Commission for the purposes prescribed by law, and shall be deposited with the Treasurer or City Clerk to the credit of the Airport Commission, and shall be disbursed only on the written orders of the Airport Commission, including the payment of all indebtedness arising from the acquisition and construction of airports and the maintenance, operation, and extension thereof.