Chapter 146 – Fire Zone


A Fire Zone is established to include all of the following territory:

Blocks No. Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty-four, Twenty-six, Thirty-one, Thirty-two and the North Half of Block Thirty-three of the Original Town (now City) of Bloomfield, Iowa


It is unlawful to build, enlarge or alter any structure, building or part thereof, within the Fire Zone until a plan of the proposed work, together with a statement of materials to be used has been submitted to the Council, who shall, if in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, issue a permit for the proposed work.


The erection of any building or structure of any kind, or additions thereto, or substantial alterations thereof, involving partial rebuilding, are prohibited in the Fire Zone, unless constructed in strict compliance with the provisions of this chapter.


The construction standards for all buildings, structures, or parts thereof within the Fire Zone shall be of Type I, Type II, or, at a minimum, Type III – 1 hour fire resistant – construction, as specified in the Uniform Building Code.


Any building within the Fire Zone not constructed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, which may hereafter be damaged by fire, decay, or otherwise, shall not be rebuilt, altered, or reconstructed except in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.


The Council may, by four-fifths (4/5) vote, issue a special permit to improve any property within the Fire Zone contrary to the provisions of this chapter, on condition that such improvement shall not increase the rates for fire insurance or the fire hazard potential of the area, or to allow any person to erect or move in any building or structure for temporary purposes for a period of time not exceeding six (6) months from the date of such permission.


Any person who erects any building in the Fire Zone, contrary to the provisions of this chapter, shall be given written notice by the Mayor to remove or tear down the same, and if such removal or taking down is not completed within thirty (30) days from the time of the service of such notice, the Mayor shall cause the same to be removed or taken down. The Mayor shall report an itemized bill of the expense to the Clerk, and the same shall be charged to the person owning such building. The Clerk shall present the bill to the owner of the property and if the bill is not paid within ten (10) days from the date it is presented, the amount of the bill shall be certified, by the Clerk, to the County Treasurer, as a lien against the property and collected the same as other taxes.


No person shall have or deposit any grain stack, pile of rubbish, explosives, hazardous chemicals or other flammable substance within the Fire Zone, nor shall any person have or deposit any cord wood or fire wood, within the Fire Zone without written permission from the Mayor, specifying the maximum amount of such cord wood or fire wood, that may be kept, stored, or deposited on any lot or part of a lot within the Fire Zone, unless the same be within one of the buildings allowed by this chapter. No person shall build or allow any fires, whether trash fires or otherwise, within the Fire Zone as described in this chapter.