City Council, Meeting Agendas

January 16, 2020 – Agenda

Bloomfield City Council Meeting
Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 6:00 pm
Bloomfield Public Library Community Room


  1. Call to Order and Welcome Guests
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Approve Agenda
  4. Updates
    1. Police Chief
    2. Fire Chief
    3. Recreation Director
    4. Main Street
    5. DC Development Corporation
  5. Public Comments
  6. Consent Agenda
    1. Approve City Council minutes from 1/2/2020
    2. Approve City Council minutes from 1/9/2020
    3. Approve City Council minutes from 11/7/2019
  7. Old Business
    1. Update from Utiliuse
    2. Discuss Finance Manager Position
  8. New Business
    1. Update on the Wastewater Project by Matt Wildman, HR Green
    2. Approve Electric Infrastructure Improvements to Build a Line from the Solar Field to the Substation
    3. Approve Mayor’s Appointment of a Housing Committee
    4. Approve Hiring a Director of Public Works
    5. Approve Payment of the Following Invoices to HR Green:
      1. Invoice 132005 for Sponsored Project in the Amount of $637.51
      2. Invoice 132094 for WasteWater Treatment System Improvements in the Amount of $1,250.00
      3. Invoice 132118 for General Engineering Services in the Amount of $212.00
      4. Invoice 132119 for CDBG Sanitary Sewer Improvements in the Amount of $7,017.00
      5. Invoice 132120 for 2019 North St Paving in the Amount of $10,000.00
    6. Approve Request from Main Street for January – June 2020 funding in the Amount of $25,000
    7. Approve Fire Chief’s Request for New Equipment in the Amount of $33,348.00
    8. Discuss and Approve Tree/Limb Removal
    9. Approve Renewal of Class C Beer Permit with Sunday Sales for Dollar General
  9. Claims
    1. Approve Claims as Presented
  10. Public Comments
  11. Reports
    1. City Administrator
    2. Director of Public Works
    3. Council Updates
    4. Mayor Comments
  12. Closed Session
    1. Closed Session Pursuant to Iowa Code §21.5(1)(i): To evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose appointment, hiring, performance, or discharge is being considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation and that individual requests a closed session
      1. Make a decision on closed session issue
  13. Budget Work Session
  14. Adjournment