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Notice of Council Vacancy

The Bloomfield City Council intends to fill the vacancy in its at-large position by appointment. The electors of the City are hereby notified that they have the right to file a petition requiring that the vacancy be filled by a special election. The petition requesting a special election has to be filed with the city clerk by 4:00 pm on June 19, 2019. A valid petition requires at least two hundred signatures or at least the number of signatures equal to fifteen percent of the voters who voted for candidates for the office at the preceding regular election at which the office was on the ballot, whichever number is fewer.

Interviews for the Bloomfield City Council vacancy will be held June 11th from 6-8pm in the small meeting room of the Bloomfield Public Library. Anyone interested in filling this vacancy should come to this meeting. Only those attending the interview will be considered for the appointment.